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All started 2013 with the idea of boosting the design process with gamification. Back in time, I studied “Produktgestaltung” at a small school for applied science – the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd and I was half a year away from finishing my bachelor thesis and the later named book Co[LAB] – a Study should be my bachelor thesis I wrote together with Elisa Eichner. I think we will make our thesis downloadable, but NO promises at the moment…


The theory and the “crowd-evaluation” part was the blast and I personally still benefiting from this work, but the game Elisa & I developed, was to complex too hard to understand, not lean enough – short it would never take off. However, the idea lasted, and grew in me – the idea of using Gamification different, in another way, actually to shift mindsets towards what design should be – to let others observe what it felt, while I studied. The passion for designing things and evoking emotions through shapes, interaction and the little-hidden things, this was for me the key to mastery.


If you are dealing with designers or are a designer yourself, you know this feeling, when you do research, get things together, play around with textures and try out things – it looks like a mess at the begin, especially in product design, less in digital interaction design. And after a while, there is this path, the one thing and it makes „click“ and you know, this is it. So you shape this idea until it is ready to get born. Actually, it has its own name – Fuzzy-Front End and it is part of the innovation process, please don’t mix it up in your min with design thinking, participatory design or things like co-creation. These are other methods and tools, sure we as well used and combined.


I worked for several agencies, creating concepts, user experience, innovations, workshops, and many other things and as well I made some user interfaces (in which I was, to be frank not the best, as in all things, which needs to be pixel perfect – I am not the one you should go for). Since 3,5 years I am now working for a consulting company, in which I deal a lot with “digital transformation” or how you want to name it. While this years consulting changed from being the “I know it all” to the “let’s try something out together and I may be one step ahead and can help you” – For me it was clear, that design process will get in the core of digital transformation, as it means, you need to create something new and with new, I am not saying, doing a RADICAL INNOVATION – want to know more, read this.

Fotos made by Benedikt Matern

After a while it made “click” and I developed a method, which I tried out several times – it was lean, it was not to complex, it flew and now hopefully it takes off.


I met Alex, the mastermind of marketing and doing and Alex connected me with Roland one side of the design-mastermind, with him Bene the other side of the design-mastermind… and so we started creating the method and cards of myndset. On October 1st at the bits & pretzels in Munich, we tested our Prototype with 30 volunteers. It is just the start to something creative something different, to a bit more playful, a bit more fun and a bit more colorful!


For my myndset – the cards and GOTMYNDSET the idea and Start-Up behind it, means for me more, than just another job, it is what I believe in and it became a passion – it became a passion for more than just me, the cards is the combined believe of us as GOTMYNDSET and the people who worked on this by now – and now it is time to pass this passion to you.



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CREDIT: Photos made by Benedikt Matern



Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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