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At the moment I’m reading the book “Denkwerkzeuge” by Florian Rustler. He writes about creative methods and the connection of Creativity & Innovation. I myself would say that I am a creative person. Sure that somehow goes along with my profession. And for sure designers have more credentials to proof their creativity. Nevertheless everybody of us has the creative spark – some people more, some people less.

While my way of getting and being a creative person I observed that most people mix up the meaning of creativity, innovation and idea. In daily life as well as in business. The disregard using words right in business is well known as a game in which somebody at the end says out loud “BINGO”. Everybody knows the words, and only a few people understand the importance of getting the words right. That makes it hard to create a common ground of understanding each other and tackle challenges the right way in business. Within the creative branch I see this as an issue. So let’s tackle it:


Ideas are spontaneous. They pop up in our mind and there they are. We can provoke ideas, but we can not provoke them immediately. I get ideas, when I read something or speak to people, that is the reason, why I always have a black book (sketch book) with me. When my brain is hard working they emergence sometimes right before I fall asleep, so I places as well a sketch book beside my bed. When that happens, it is hard to write the idea down, because I want to sleep, but I know, that I need to, else it will disappear and probably is lost in my beautiful mind. On the other hand I know, that how to provoke ideas. And I can tell pressure is not always helpful and negative stress as well not.


“Ohhh yes, let’s be creative!” and then the people begin to tinker. I am sorry, I am not a kid, which tinker for joy, I am a designer, so I am a big kid and tinker, because I know how to tinker for good. No now, let’s be real. Creativity sure is as well to do fancy stuff! And it as well has to do a lot with crazy ideas putting into real world. Everybody heard of those crazy people from apple or google – the guys and girls who invented all this big helpful and useful things! And that is the point INVENTED, HELPFUL & USEFUL. That is what creativity is about! Making ideas worth something.


The most beloved buzzword in the creative branch and industry – INNOVATION. Innovation per definition is the introduction of something new to the market, to organisation or to society. It always brings change, it can be disruptive, however it will never be this fast-easy-kind-of-falling-into-lap-tale a majority of decision-makers to think it is. Innovation is hard creative work – with fun parts, when done the right way. It is a process, which concludes in a new product  – material or immaterial.


Systematic Creativity sounds antithetical and seems to exclude each other. The misbelief that creativity is a fancy-secret-wonder-talent is tenacious. Nevertheless creativity is a process, a process of finding an idea, which is helpful and useful. In its meaning systematic stand for planning, structure and process. So put this two words together systematic and creativity per definition mean to get the creative process into a planned and structured order. Such process are already well known, such as Design Thinking, Double Diamond, User Centered, etc. They have all similar structure and phases, with different focus, how to evolve ideas and later in the process innovation. In my opinion creativity can be a structured and well clustered systematic process, empowered by various methods. I know that, because I did it a lot of times, a lot of different ways and I know it works. It sure differ by the angle you will look on the outcome or the process itself. A lot of time you will recognize, that to be creative will not be that easy as you may think, but the process help to give a frame for the various person included in the process.


4P Model

The 4P Model was first described by Mel Rhodes and describes the systematic creativity. It is still useful today to understand creativity and how they interact with each other. It is clustered in 4 Ps – Person, Process, Press and Product.


In every human creativity emergence. It is in all of us. And with our various experiences and different analogies, we all affect the result at the end. That mean all our habits, characteristics, values and mindsets influences the creative process and the its outcome. In short a different team may will come to an other result than the one before, with the same conditions and questions while the process.

The term person, as used here, covers information about personality, intellect, temperament, physique, traits, habits, attitudes, self-concept, value systems, defense mechanisms, and behaviour.”

Mel Rodes – ‘An Analysis of Creativity’


As already mentioned in the latter, creativity doesn’t fall from Heaven like lightning. It can be and as well need to be planned. And for those who now role their eyes. Just think of why the world looks like it is today. DESIGN and design is just an other word for creativity in a process. And if you now think “Well design… that is just making things colorful or looking good” – YES, that is one little part of it and it will be automatically generated out of the design process. A process is not always the same, that would be the real scientific approach of a process – finding the truth of a theory. In a creative process, we are not searching for THE TRUTH, we are searching for one truth.

“The term process applies to motivation, perception, learning, thinking, and communication.”

Mel Rodes – ‘An Analysis of Creativity’

PRESS (Frame, Environment) 

Press is related to lat. pressus, which stands for box or frame. It is important to understand, that the frame, directly affects creativity and the process. In the worst way, if there is no frame, which enhances creativity, there will no ideas and so no innovation, no products. Freedom, Inspiration and Believe are just a view points, which need to ne considered, by building the Press, the ecosystem for creativity & innovation.

“The term press refers to the relationship between human beings and their environment.”

Mel Rodes – ‘An Analysis of Creativity’


The product is the intersection of person, process and press. To understand how creativity works and products (material and immaterial) are created it is important to understand, that it is a liquid construct. There are so many variables you can plan with, they named the same, they look similar, but at the end the result will be different.

“The word idea refers to a thought which has been communicated to other people in the form of words, paint, clay, metal, stone, fabric, or other material. When an idea becomes embodied into tangible form it is called a product.”  

Mel Rodes – ‘An Analysis of Creativity’


When we understand how creativity can be triggered and how creative people think. It is easier to work together with them and to understand how they will try to solve problems. Give us fancy-crazy-exzentric-looking-and-behaving people a chance. It may look that there is no plan how we doing stuff – actually there is. So please when there is the next session you have the chance to be part of such a think like Design Thinking, making an Innovation or some other kind of creative what ever, give it a try. Just try it and be open for it – as you now know, you will have an impact and your engagement counts!

In the next post Starting the Game I will deal with the introduction of the gamification-design-process.


Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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