or: What it means to walk the line…

 If you expect in this text to find quotes of famous people, who made it in life you will not find them — I will not write about others experience, but mine. If you are interested to hear what I have to say — continue…

…It is never easy to create something, sitting down, taking your time writing down ideas, illustrating concepts or actually crafting new products. Actually I found something, which let’s me do the extra mile, what get’s me sitting down taking my time creating something new — and this is what I call Gamification.


Gamification & my dedication to the power of creation

Gamification is a buzzword — on the other hands it is what it is bringing Gamefulness (all what is in games) into our lives. Game is the power of creation — the Game itself, and the shared experience it creates for others. a Game builds communities, without taking into account, if the other one is male, female, black white, rich or poor — Games are just Games. While I observed bringing Gamification into the business, I observed it works perfectly helping people open up and get creative.

As well we miss a lot the emotional part, when we create — I will not say it is user centered. At the end, all we do is emotion centric. Human brains work with links to emotions, with triggers to learned psychological patterns and with embodiment of our learned mimics and body language.


And so I started to create a method & start with others to bring it to life

Gestaltung (a german word, which means something like crafting, creation and design) is for me the bring something new into our lives. And I want helping others be creative, learn the emotional way of builing new products with a purpose, with meaning — and not just the next THING.

Handing them a tool to create their ideas in an emotional way, make others understand that we need to get back to emotions, creation for emotions and not just for users or for stakeholders or bosses.

We need to design for love, for meaning, for dedication, for us as human beings, to get better of who we are today.


So friends and me started GOTMYNDSET…

Stay tuned guys… We will keep you posted, about what it is, where you can get it and what it does….

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Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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