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At the Digital Age Summit, I met really inspiring people, who have an impact on business, however as well on our social life and our culture we are living in. I will give you not just any business background, you can read that on your own and google it, what I will do, is write you my personal thoughts 🙂


Marcus du Sautoy is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford where he holds the prestigious Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science and is a Fellow of New College.

I was so impressed by Marcus and all he achieved by now. He was in Bhutan and in many other countries, to promote mathematics in general public. He does a lot of talks, is on Netflix and BBC4. I was so impressed by the sheer amount of valuable information he creates – I literally was stunned. Nevertheless, he is so grounded and down to earth I just can recommend looking at his very inspiring books, talks, and information he has to share – I guess there is more than one thing you can take away for daily life, business or teaching others.


My take away is: Stick to what your heart is laying at and go all the extra miles you need to go!


Mark Mullen is co-founder and CEO of Atom Bank.  Mark started his career in financial services in 1989 at Forward Trust Group, the finance house and leasing subsidiary of Midland Bank plc, where he spent a decade working in a number of businesses including personal finance, vehicle finance, asset finance and corporate strategy.

When I first saw and listened to Mark, I had the feeling, he is quite a business man and yes he is in all the best meaning. He truly found a way to do banking different and stick to his strategy. His focus on what he wants to achieve is impressive – with his new kind of banking model and trust he is changing the UK banking system. he recommended reading “Can you say what your strategy is” 

My take away is: To just do things, and before you need to do your homework!


I talked for hours with Mihriban – It was a blast talking to this strong, wise and absolutely fabulous woman. She is a true leader and a very inspirational woman – who is doing great business. How she is tackling being a mother, doing business and invest in ideas is remarkable and I think unique. You really need to check her magazine FINTECHTIME, she just found recently. You really should take a look and as well if you are interested in Financial Service order her magazine 🙂


My take away is: Believe in what you are doing, not just doing it to be famous, do it, because you truely believe in it!

Hasan Yalçın

Hasan is one of the most famous UX/UI Designers in Turkey – he is a rock star. I enjoyed talking to him and about his thoughts, visions and his great journey in UX/UI. It is interesting, how UX/UI developed through time and how it changed and still is changing. Find here some work he did.

His great and beloved hobby is to do youtube videos about star wars 🙂

My take away is: Time is changing, you may change, so is that what you are doing – Stay curious, be explorative and love what you do! 


Simay graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Business and Administration in 2005.

During the last decade, she has studied, worked and traveled extensively from America to Asia with the spirit of entrepreneurship, 30 different countries so far.

After came back to Turkey, she created the Turkey’s first creative entrepreneurship village ‘Small Village Small World’ project.

The project aimed to take the attention of the “Culture and Creative Arts” element in a small town village called KĂŒĂ§ĂŒk Köy how it integrates people and how it could be a breath for them live happily in it. This social entrepreneurship project will be the 1st innovative model in Turkey regarding the mix concept; dedicated to showcasing artworks within the interaction of science, technology, art, innovation under an existing and unique concept of a Smart Village getting ready to welcome independent artists, design studios, maker spaces, game labs, digital art collectives and project spaces.

In that village, she is the co-founder of Kıraarthane Games which is an incubation center for digital art.

She is the producer of Recontact: Istanbul which is selected as a Best mobile game from Turkey 2015 by Apple

She is the board member of OYUNDER, is a non-profit association founded for the purpose of supporting & representing Turkish Game Industry.

Simay is the founder of Women in Games Turkey. Her mission put women’s energy and creativity to game industry so it’s worth mentioning that she is the Media Leader of Arya Women’ Investment Platform and Angel Investor in the Rising Tide Europe.

I had the great pleasure to talk with her and her ambitions, and she is truly inspiring, she has such a power and positive attitude! I really liked to talk to her and hope, to see and may work with her in the future.

My take away is: Be strong, be open and change the world arround you! 


Imaad has been the Marketing Director at WARC for the past four years. WARC is an online knowledge and information service offering best practice, evidence and insights on advertising effectiveness from the world’s leading brands. During his time at WARC, Imaad has helped to grow awareness of the service and use amongst its core audiences – advertising and media agencies, brand owners, and media owners – through a variety of content, data, and digital strategies. The service currently has over 25,000 users from more than 1200 companies from around the world. Prior to WARC, Imaad’s experience was predominantly in the events sector, leading marketing teams at IQPC, Emap and i2i Events Group across a range of sectors – chiefly Retail, Defence and Oil & Gas. He holds a BA Honours degree in Classics from Oxford University.

My take away is: What is what leads us and inspire us – hold it and create something new out of it.


Monica is part of the Digital Marketing team within Deloitte Digital UK, with a passion for championing customer centered approach for business strategy and transformation in digital. She has deep subject matter expertise in social media for business across all business touchpoints. She led the social media strategy and direction set at a global insurance firm and has helped the client set up a social customer care pilot program, including the rollout of a market leading technology platform. She has been on a number of successful multi-region digital marketing transformation programs. She is published in the Journal of Information Systems on the impact of social media on firm performance.

My take away is: Be open for new things.


Metin Sitti received the BSc and MSc degrees in electrical and electronics engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 1992 and 1994, respectively, and the PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, in 1999. He was a research scientist at UC Berkeley during 1999-2002. He is currently a director in Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany and a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. His research interests include physical intelligence, medical miniature robot, smobile milli/microrobots, and bio-inspired and smart micro/nanomaterials. He is an IEEE Fellow. He received the SPIE Nanoengineering Pioneer Award in 2011 and the NSF CAREER Award in 2005. He received many best paper, video, and poster awards in major robotics and adhesion conferences. He is the editor-in-chief of Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics.


My take away is: Automation and IT is what we need to think now, not just let it happen!



His career has been started at Unilever in a position as a Category Manager and later Nordic E-Business Manager. In 2000 he founded Acinon A / S, and his entrepreneurship career continued as the co-founder and COO in Adtomic. In 2006 Jakob founded Hello Group, where he has taken multiple roles and now holds the position of CEO for the last 10 years.

Sometimes interesting things in life happen, it is up to us, to take the chance and build something new – that is how he built Hello Group, as well in Istanbul.


My take away is: Trust in others and take chances as they come!



Thanks to all the wonderful people I met and contributed to this great event!



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