DMEXCO 2016 | An interactive Event

I know it’s been a while since we met last time. And it is nice meeting you again! There were a lot of things going on in the meanwhile. And one of it was the DMEXCO, where I not only did presentation notes, I as well held a gamification worklab.

After two days at the DMEXCO, hard work and a lot of fun, I would love to give some insights. It was two great and very inspiring days. I sketched the Accenture Interactive booth and supported my colleagues’ on-booth seminars with sketch notes. It was great to hear about Living Organizations, Digital Labs, User Centered Design, Digital Transformation and Fashion Brands. What was really stunning was not only to have the chance to get such deep insights into very relevant topics and how they could get solved in a digital world, it was the very special team spirit and the interactions with the audience, clients and people itself, what made the DMEXCO a great event.


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Furthermore, I had the chance to present and work out, what gamification can do in a digital world for business.

Together with a colleague I made a worklab about GAMIFICATION IN A DIGITAL WORLD. It was important to me, that the participants not only get a short overview of gamification and what my point if the view towards that may is, I wanted, that they will feel and interact with the topic. The people should make their own experience, to make it more understandable and touchable and as well more exciting for them.  For that, I created method cards or if you want to say so kind of a card game, which consists of five different card types:




The vision cards guideline what the target of the ideation round will be, e.g. “Be e-commerce sales hero” or “Be a living organization”. The headline is described on the cards, to give the players an understanding of the target, so they know towards they will create towards.



These cards are showing the newest technologies or trends on the market. For example 3D printing, wearables, touchless devices (mind control).



The player type cards are standing for personas or player types, for whom the concept should be developed for. As gamification is a player-centric, this card is one of the most important in the games.



These cards show various gamification aspects. They give an overview of the emotions which gamification evokes and a little insight of the methods, which could be used to trigger these emotions.



These cards bring the fun in the ideation. Every group can decide if they want to take a card and then need to present like described on the card and get points for it or get no points and present their way. At the end, the team will have 30 seconds to explain their idea to the audience.


So what did we do?

    1. We gave a short overview into gamification.
    2. We divided the people into 5 groups and gave them a mission and a task they should complete within 20 Min.
    3. Before starting the ideation, it was necessary to explain all the content and the cards and build.
    4. Presenting their ideas – and all groups choose to present it with our special “How to present” cards. AND it was very much fun and I think really one of the best parts of the workshop
    5. Open discussion about gamification and other topics


Here you will find the original slides from the DMEXCO.


I really love the topic of gamification and I truly believe, we can change our own point of views toward things and make a lot of stuff more human focused. I as well I think, that gamification needs to be carefully designed. So if you are thinking to implement gamification, please reach out to me 🙂


So follow me on my journey trough the gamification world – let’s play!

Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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Also published on Medium.