Do what you love – but sometimes we forget who we are and what we love!

Everybody sooner or later cross the way of the phrase “Do what you love”. It often comes along with the co-phrases “…than you are amazing” or “…than you can make the best out of you and your work.” I myself heard or red this sentence quite a couple of time. Then the following questions pop up in my mind. “Do I really do what I love?” “Do I perform the best I could?”

If your answer is a big “YES” you can be happy and may not need to read further as you obviously love what you are doing. You count to the 15% of people (in Germany) who are engaged in their job. The rest and that are around 85% are not that blessed. Even worse is that 15% out of the 85% just “doing their job”, that means, they go to work without any engagement, stated by a research from Gallup.

I know that some work “has to be done”, work some people consider as unacceptable, as dirty and not worth it. I don’t like such an attitude, when people reduce others due to their jobs! For those who forget about the grey man who are steeling the time, I recommend to read Momo by Michael Ende.


I myself count to the people who found the spark, that one thing they love and want to do – Strategic Design & Gamification and help people to understand the value and how may to implement that in their lives, careers, businesses.

In a world where we grew up everybody saying to us that we can be anybody and everything we want to be. In a world where we say “You just need to practice a lot and try as hard as you can to reach your goal.” This statement is not true, if you try to act against your personal talents! Everybody of us have special strengths and talents and may have a lack in other fields. Others may have talents in our missing parts and could be a benefit for us and our team. We the new generation, were raised from our parents, to choose the work we love to do.


Because they may never had the opportunity to do the latter. My parents always supported me in the things I was into, it didn’t matter if it was playing handball, horse riding, painting, boxing or studying design. They supported my strengths and enhanced me to be proud of what I reached. What I try to say here is, by knowing our strengths and talents and respect them, we even can grow bigger than by trying to erase our weaknesses. If my parents would had forced me to learn the piano, or try to make a silent and analytical person out of me, I probably would have failed.



Sure time by time we loose grip, and need something to give us hold. Give us a save understanding of who we are and what we are good at. For me it is not easy to put my talents and strengths into words, and the ones I can describe took a long time to figure out how to do so. We tend to see weakness more than the positive aspects. That so called “weakness” could may be the key to success, if we just accept them and may make the best out of us.

Last week the famous GALLUP STRENGTH FINDER found me. As I am a curios person I tried it.

My ten strengths:

  1. Activator
  2. Individualization
  3. Strategic
  4. Learner
  5. Self-Assurance
  6. Command
  7. Futuristic
  8. Empathy
  9. Significance
  10. Woo

For their meaning I got a special list with short description and as well a detailed description. When I reflect on them, I was surprising how good they fit. I know some of them may could be seen as a weakness, and I long time was told to change this aspects by my bosses, they told me “Jasmin you are a great person BUT you have to erase x,y,z so we would see you will fit.” I try to change and day by day, month by month I was loosing my engagement towards work, I was loosing my passion, loosing me. I was getting worse, I was getting mad and try to somehow escape that situation – I decided to quit and left the company.

Super Better is a game from Jane McGonigal to help people to reach their goals. And help them to get up and do something. I self played that game, and it helped me to set my goals and reach them. Please make sure, that you not try to use such a tool to totally change yourself – that will not work ad may will make you unhappy –  it should help you to be super better!

I will not tell you,

that you can reach everything you want to be. I will say to you, that you have it within you. Know your strengths and if you want to grow in the fields you may miss, search for somebody who has this strengths, and grow together.

It is not about where we work, and my what our job description, it is about what and how we love and it doesn’t matter, if it is cleaning curbs, being a nurse or a CEO.



Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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