Gamification @DigitalAgeSummit 2017 in Istanbul

I am excited, I will hold a keynote and workshop about Gamification at the Digital Age Summit in Istanbul. As I am working as a consultant, it makes me more than happy to as spread the word and thinking about my beloved topic – the human-focused approach, which one of the best tools to use for is Gamification! I am looking forward listening to a lot a genius people and meet a lot of inspiring persons.


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These will be the topics of the event:

What Will Be Talking About?

From artificial intelligence, robots, autonomous vehicles to the sectoral effects of intelligent technologies, we will address to positive effects of technology on human life.

In Digital Humanization, there are two concepts that should be approached;

Humanoid Technology:Today, the technology has potential to compete with human-being, due to all new-generation features such as problem-solving, to take action, think and produce.
Humanized Technology: Nowadays, humanized technology has reached in advanced level of services that makes human life easier  almost in every part of life.


Today Hürriyet iK published my interview about the event – sure in türkish 🙂 The transcript you will find here.

I keep you posted on the event 🙂



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Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.