It’s been a while… Istanbul was a fairytale…or so

It’s been now almost one month since the Digital Age Summit 2017 took place in Istanbul. And I want to give you a recap of what happened, my impressions and about the inspiring people I met.

I already shared some stories, an interview with Altug a Turkish Gamification Expert, as well as an interview with Hurriyet IK. Now I want to give you more insights and information, as well as the presentations of my talk, the video of my talk and the presentation of my workshop (hope the video will as well be uploaded some day). Or scroll down to see them attached…

First of all, it was a wonderful conference with a lot of inspiring people, topics and a lot of interesting conversations. Here you will get some insights – Click me!

So to give you some more insights, here are some videos of the day.

And my talk:

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The walk to the venue (the day before):

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Start the day:

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Some insights of the workshop:

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Some more pictures:



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Also published on Medium.