Others make you – don’t they?

As I am now sitting here, trying to find the right start for this post. I wanted to start with why we are who we are – however this post should not be about the I in us, it should deal with us and others. As we are humans, we always interact. We interact with our colleagues, with our friends, with our family, with our pets, with our ecosystem, with the nature, with thoughts of others – to keep it short we are INTERACTING  with everything!


Interacting is always communication, and as Paul Watzlawick said, “One cannot not communicate” and I say “One cannot not interact”. We’re always communicating with a message, with a certain goal, we want to be understood by the one/ thing in front of us  – so we try to find something out, or try to make a point, and we will get a feedback on that.



Just think of the last communication you had, you may got an other point of view towards something, or got a new idea, or may were first frustrated about it. The point is, that our brains will work on the compiled information gotten from the outside and recapture them, save them or even maybe create a new neuronal connection, if the information was forth it. I will come back to that later.

When we evolves interacting to gain a shared goal, then we are collaborating. As humans we learned in our long evolution, that to couple up makes us stronger, we have more power, more ideas, more strength than just one person could have.

The We is always greater than I.


It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. —Charles Darwin


The primary reason why we are collaborating, is to innovate. As we are social beings and try to make our lives more livable, we need to improve, we need to change, we need to go forward. So we need to collaborate to get to the next step. I want to extend my statement before – “One cannot not interact for that he needs to collaborate” . Now think of a device, a smartphone, you as well have to collaborate with it to get to your goal, instead, it will just say “NO” to you and will not give you the wished answer or interaction.


Elon Musk a leader with a vision, but without collaboration the greatest vision or idea will not come to life. As conclusion we need others! And as if it just for motivation, however we need others to continue, to believe in us, to help us, to enable us. And for me that is what makes me, getting up in the morning, doing my things – others.


Collaboration isn’t about giving up your individuality. Quite the opposite: it’s about realizing your potential. It’s about bringing your many gifts to the table and sharing them in pursuit of a common goal. It’s about bringing your ideas, your passion, your mind, heart, and soul to your leadership and culture.

– Meghan M. Biro


Coming back to the neuronal connections and the compiled information – in games we observed especially in games where you have a shared goal, people naturally get in teams with their individual strengths to contribute to the success of that mission. If we win this missions, our brain will link very strong hormonal feedback to collaborative power and success. Therefore gamers tend to collaborate more. They know about the importance combining individual strength for a good balanced team. However there is more behind it, than just a good rate of strengths.


I call it the collaboration of play. To give it a more scientific background, it’s more than just one special rule or theory – it starts with us and our brains and ends with the physical law of emergence.

When we play, our brains get in a mode of problem solving, we are more concentrated, we know, what to do next and have enough freedom to solve it our own way. We have the freedom to take action and make our own choices.

In real world, we try to push ourselves more, than in a group, we think in work, that we have to beat the others, we have to beat everyone, to be better. I will say, no, we have to collaborate, to be better together!  Next time, when you have an idea, sure you should first make sure, that it is your idea and nobody else will just copycat it, but you should ask others, about their opinion. Ask others, how they can contribute in what you are thinking and make a big idea together. You will see, it is totally worth it. I tell you something, great leaders do the same, they ask, what you want, because they know, that the WE is greater than I.


Some game techniques you could use for collaboration:


#sharedgoals Give people the opportunity to work together on one goal. Kick off and give the short term goals on individual base and show them the big idea behind it. What they are working for and why this is important for them on a personal base, as well on the bigger picture.

#shareideas Ideas are worth spreading, and if spread, others interacts with that idea. When we speak about our ideas, someone may have good thoughts to help developing the idea further. Or somebody likes the idea so much, that he wants to participate in bringing it to life.

#givespace Space is really important developing innovations, as well as time. By generating a space, where people can develop their ideas and working on a solution together, you will not only increase their productivity, you as well will increase their creativity and motivation. Create meeting/ shared spaces, where people can tackle voluntary obstacles.

Thanks for reading — I’m Jasmin Deniz Karatas. I’m a Strategic Designer & Gamifier.

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