Today is the day!

Or, how I took an idea to Kickstarter and didn’t go crazy in the process

Today is not only Albert Einsteins 140th Birthday, a brilliant mind which changed the world forever and serves as an inspiration for people, today also marks the kickoff for our Kickstarter Campaign for Myndset Cards. It’s incredible that almost a year and four months ago we decided to create this set of cards together, and today we’re finally live!

It has been an inspiring journey with many lessons on the way. It was a journey of almost 6 years to create simplicity in our method as we have it today.

And without the dedication of my team consisting of AlexBene and Ron it would’ve probably never happened.

What is Myndset?

Myndset is a card game and step-by-step method based on the process of design thinking, guiding the user through the process of ideation. Our goal is to empower everyone to solve anything by applying a simple method and create valuable ideas by thinking differently.


ONE year and 4 months

Just before starting this blog I checked again when we created our WhatsApp group, where we decided to work together on our shared vision for this project: 27th November 2017. The very basic idea for Myndset has been developed independently from each other by Alex and me a couple of years back.

As a lecturer, Alex used a similar method to stimulate and simplify ideation for his students, and I have worked with Elisa Eichner (fellow-student) to develop a prototype for a gamified design process.

Back then I understood that the way I had conceived the idea it had become far too complicated, but on the other hand I never let go of my vision that games can change the world, and design should be democratized so true co-creation is possible.

Over the years I kept working on my vision to create a design process that is fun, accessible for non-designers and aesthetic and was slowly but surely getting closer to the version of Myndset we have today.

I loved the process of thinking through every little detail of design, look and feel and creating a game that should be fun, puzzling and overall the opposite of boring.

When we finally went to Stulz Druck and Medien, a printing shop I was introduced to by Alex, I was amazed by all the possibilities that were right in front of me. Peter is a literal expert in what he’s doing, and it was fun watching him mixing colors by hand, print with huge machines, and repeat, and we were satisfied with shade, paper, and letterpress and packaging. Talk about unboxing!

And that wasn’t all — building websites, and actual AR-App for iPhone, writing blogs, creating social media posts, making an E-Learning course, create product videos, recreate product videos, find someone to voice over and the never ending hustle of building a little startup — and it’s all totally worth it! 🙂


We also hosted workshops with real people and tested our cards, many many times by now, which was probably the most fun, and reminded us who we’re doing this for: and that’s YOU!


Some people helped us on our way, gave inspiration and advice, meaningful insights or just encouraged us — You guys rock, and I cannot thank you enough!


And very special thanks to Henny she is truly a rock star in help me writing wonderful posts! You are amazing!


One year and for months… I’m genuinely excited for the next 28 days and can’t wait to work even harder on Myndset in the future! 🙂

Cheers, Jasmin!


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