What makes us epic

Epic – what a word! Just read it again E-P-I-C. Four little letters and such a huge impact.

For me it is what I want to reach. Want to become. Want to feel. EPIC! Others may would say gamer non-sense. I will say you just don’t know it better. Don’t get me wrong you can think what ever you want to think of the word, but it is not non-sense! It is science!


It is one of the strongest feelings we can have and it is called epic win or fiero. It is that feeling, when we as humans think we reached something we thought we never could reach. It is that one thing we set us as goal and now happening to us. Let me picture it for you. Close your eyes, think of something you really want to reach, think hard, not of money, not of fame, think of something deeper, something that really touches your heart. You got that one thing that little tiny thought in you? Good, very good. Now just feel, that is happening right now, right here, right at this moment. And please no disruption here, no „NOs“ or something like „never gonna happen“ thoughts. Just imagine!

Do you feel that little hidden emotion, that one there deep down in the middle of your belly that makes you first feel dizzy, then kind of hungry. After a short weakness feeling, the little ants in your fingers will wake up, and makes you exited. Then it comes, that overwhelming feeling – the total crash: luck, unbelievable happiness and freedom. And now there it is, now we think we can do everything right now, right here. That is EPIC. Going beyond borders.



See and there is the point where it gets interesting and hard fun. Epic means being the hero of our own life. It is a feeling and feelings sure can be triggered by others, but nobody else than you can give you that feeling of being epic than yourself. So mark that – EPIC is within you!

The even breaking point!

Epic is not about trying to hit an impossible goal. It is about knowing what you love and where you strengths are. However I will not tell you you are special and you deserve it, so all will come to you because you are special. NO, that is not what we should make our heads go crazy about – being the hero means to work hard to reach your goals, not just being special. You have to do the things you want to happen not to be. You will not get there unless you will go and do something. We are all procrastinators and we love to procrastinate. Tim Urban – just watched his video – brings it to the point. There are two kind of procrastination out there.

1: The one with deadlines, when we actually at the end has something to do or there will be consequences

2: And the one without, where we think “no deadline, no consequences”, but they will paralyse us, because we will get the feeling that we never can change something, and start feeling bad.

This are the things we suffer the most. Most of the non-deadline things are the ones we really want to do, want to experience, the one we dream of. And as long we keep dreaming, they never gonna happen. We always will start to say “one day”. And I will now say to you “one day” is not happing unless you make “one day” to today.


There is no deadlines on those things at first, because nothing happening at first, not until you’ve got out and have done the hard work, the momentum to get things going.

Tim Urban


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Also published on Medium.