• Strategic Design & Gamifier

    Jasmin Deniz Karatas


Who I am and what I do

I am a Strategic Designer & Gamifier. I stared my career as a Media Designer Trainee and studied Industrial Designer.
I worked in a wide array of different design disciplines ranging from classical Industrial & Strategic Design to Digital Service Design.

As I specialized myself in Gamification, Design Thinking &
User Experience, I believe in the transformative power of design & game.

My goal is the creation of holistic customer/ user/ player experience and frame new processes, as well as to create new business opportunities and consult companies within my knowledge.

What I do...

is not only my profession, it is my passion


As we live in a fast changing world with challenging new aspects in business, like liquid customer expectations, various fast developing technology and disruptive businesses.
Strategic Design is made on the basis of facts rather than aesthetics or intuition. Its basis lies in analysis of external and internal trends and data. As such it is as an effective way to bridge innovation, research, management and design.


We design for humans, so our designs need to be human focused. Gamification, User Experience and Design Thinking are very strong methodologies which includes the mentioned in best manner.
These methodologies will open a new transformative power to businesses. It can either help to implement a new innovation process, motivate your employees, build up teamwork and core strengths or even to transform a whole company.


It is deeply linked with Strategic Design, Gamification & Design Thinking. Businesses have to face new generation of customers, employees and disruptive competitors. Likewise in a fast changing digital world, organizations need to rethink their processes and may redesign their structures and company.
Design is the inspiration to change. It gives the framework for new business opportunities, improved processes and innovative loops.